Brave cyclists help save the wild boar that is drowning from the an erupting canal

Sometimes, a tiny gesture of kindness can mean everything to an animal that is helpless. This is the case with the wild boar whose fate was sealed when he accidently was thrown into a turbulent canal. Luckily to him was a bunch of cyclists were in the area when they spotted the animal struggling to escape the canal.

The wild boar, commonly called the wild pig, is native to forests in Europe and north-west Africa and it can also be present all over Asia. According to Wikipedia the boar, also known as wild pig is among of the mammals with the largest range around the globe. There are 16 wild boar subspecies around the world.

In the short video you can see how two cyclists are trying and succeeded, to rescue an unlucky wild boar from drowning after it fell into a canal. Because of the canal’s fast water and high concrete edges, the wild animal stands no chances if it weren’t these kind-hearted men. Needless to mention the cyclists risked their own lives as wild boars could be extremely dangerous when they got panic. It could easily harmed its rescuers with its huge sharp tusk.

Thankfully everything went well and no one got harmed! Watch the video bellow:

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