Mother and baby moose are the cause of hilarious traffic jams in Alaska

A jammed-up traffic situation is not the most enjoyable way to begin your day. With all the shouting and honking it’s not a pleasant situation to be caught in, except for the lucky drivers. They were headed to their home, and then they were stopped off with stunning entrance.

It happened on a bustling roadway that runs through Homer, Alaska, where an moose mother and her calf newborn did not follow the traffic rules when they set off. Thankfully, the courteous drivers displayed a lot of patience with the sweet couple. Incredulous at the moment that suddenly unfolded in front of their gazes, some drivers even captured the moment on camera.

“My wife and I were driving home and saw a baby and mama moose next to the highway and we decided to stop to let them cross the roadway,” Jefferson Huntsman said. ” They decided to walk down the lane we were driving on. About a minute of trailing them at a slow 3 mph, my wife who was driving told me that this would be a good opportunity to film the mom and calf.”

Mother moose and baby crossing a road in Alaska (nothing to do with the actual story)

The Huntsmans decided to share the lovely footage on Facebook and people absolutely felt in love with it. After all, that’s the king of traffic jam we all want to be caught in. As about the mother moose and her little one, who seems like hours old in the footage, the things went well. According to Jefferson who came up with an update to the initial Facebook post, “they’re both[the mom and the calf] doing great.”

“I’ve been in contact with a few people involving the momma and baby moose,”the Facebook post reads. “They came up to my backyard yesterday to feast on my lawn.” Scene like this are very common in Alaska, where live between 175,000 and 200,000 moose!

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