A sweet moment when a group of baby sloths are having the conversation

It has always been my dream to become as the Dr. Dolittle, to communicate and be able to understand all creatures in the world. It is very likely that I’m far from being the only person interested about what animals talk about with each other. While it’s unlikely to occur anytime in the near future, watching our furry friends “talking” is so lovely.

Although seeing kittens or puppies talking to one another is a common sight, but not as much can be said about wildlife. Take a look at a family of sloths with babies in this particular situation. It’s not just watching these adorable creatures is fun, but what is more enjoyable is listening to the conversation they are having.

Even though no one’s having any idea what these rescued little fellas are talking about, it’s enough to hear their delicate voices to realize just what lovely creatures they are. In fact it’s no wonder the heartwarming footage of them ‘chatting’ won the hearts of millions.

The adorable video was initially shared by the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica and it shows two tiny sloths having an intense chat while displaying their daily routine (hanging upside down) in front of the camera. While the discussion between them remains an enigma, I personally assume they’re expressing their enthusiasm and maybe some sort of confusion in front of the camera. Watch the adorable moment here:

“The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica was officially authorized as a rescue center in 1997,” the sanctuary’s official website reads. “The mission of the Sloth Sanctuary is the rescue, rehabilitation, research and release of sloths with a strong emphasis on conserving the Costa Rican rainforest—preserving the sloths’ habitat.”

h/t: hellogiggles

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