Dumped Mama Dog’s Weakness Drags Crate Full of Starving Puppies on the Dirt Road For Days

McIntosh County Animal Services in Darien, Georgia, have disclosed a horrific instance of cruelty to animals involving the mother dog and her pups. I love my dog so much
It is believed that the hungry and thirsty dog was seen dragging an entire crate of puppies on a local dirt road.

No one knows how long the abused mama dog had slogged through the deserted roads, but her situation was not good at all. She was dirty and weakened, while her puppies reeked of feces and urine after being locked in the tiny crate for days. The doggie family was cleaned up, and is now being treated for ticks and fleas at the shelter.
The investigators believe that the dog’s owner intentionally stuffed the puppies in the crate as the mama dog watched on. The owner then tied the mama dog’s leash to the crate because there was no more room inside. After being dumped, the mama dog desperately kept pulling the crate to save her babies’ lives.

Thankfully, the mama dog and her puppies are doing better after rescue. Meanwhile, Friends of McIntosh County Animals Services has offered a reward of $250 for any information that leads to the arrest of the person who did this vile act of animal cruelty. Let’s spread the word and help the cops find the rotten owner!

Click the video below to watch a report on how the poor mama dog was found dragging her puppies on the dirt road.

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