Elephants run to greet to a baby elephant that was saved

Elephants are brilliant social, compassionate creatures. When they are raising their young, their overprotective nature, elephants display unmatched self-sacrifice that is not seen in other wild animals, even when there’s a baby from an entirely different herd. This hilarious video illustrates that elephants are superior to humans.

Dok Gaew is a two years old orphaned elephant who got rescued by the volunteers at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. When the rescuers brought the little one to the rehabilitation center, he was scared and confused and the staff feared of how he would be accepted by the herd. However, little they know how the other elephants would react!

But the little one, received a welcome, no one expected! When hearing the 2-year-old baby crying from across the compound, the whole herd run to greet him in one of the most touching animals video, I’ve ever see. Even though Dok Gaew find himself inside of an enclosure, the other elephants are pushing the trunks through the openings in a lovely try to comfort the poor little creature. They all look so glad he’s not alone, anymore!

The heart-melting footage proves, once again, what animals are capable of, when it comes to help those in need. Especially elephants, who’re known for their kind nature, empathy and friendliness. Maybe people should better study them and learn something from these incredible creatures.

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