How Many Circles Can You See In This Mind Bending Optical Illusion?

The newest optical illusion to perplex puzzlers is a brainteaser that comprises 16 circles in what seems to be an arrangement of straight lines.

The ‘Coffer Illusion’ challenges players to find 16 circles in a graphic of vertical and horizontal lines that seem to form squares.

Anthony Norcia of the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute’s Infant Vision Laboratory in San Francisco produced the illusion.

It has reappeared after being posted on Twitter by UK-based Bernie Spofforth, where it has received 1,600 likes.

Scroll down to see the revelation.

It works because of the human brain’s propensity to concentrate on closed forms, as well as how it interprets vertical and horizontal stripes.

Norcia presented the puzzle to 45 people when he first devised it, and it took them an average of 45 seconds to find the circles.

If you’re having trouble finding the circles, concentrate on the vertical lines.

Scroll down to view the revelation if you want to know the solution straight now.

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