After giving money to a beggar, a man strikes a random elderly person unconscious on the street

It happened in Moldova he got arrested but due to his mental illnessnes was later released. He wasn't even placed in a spacial institution.

A security camera caught the moment a guy hit an elderly lady in the chest as she walked along a street in Moldova, according to the footage. The city of Sinau, Moldova, was caught on a neighboring surveillance camera.

In the middle of the street, a random old lady was struck unconscious by a stranger.

After collapsing to the ground and losing consciousness, the elderly woman needed medical assistance.

The guy also struck a second victim, a 36-year-old female, who was also injured.

The event, which took place in Moldova’s capital city of Chisinau, was caught on video by a security camera next door and shared with the public.

It is seen in the video that the elderly woman walks past a beggar outside a shoe shop and gives him some money before continuing on her journey.

The elderly woman can be seen giving a beggar money before the attack
The man stomps towards the pensioner and a blonde-haired woman

A woman in white top can also be seen heading the same direction as the attacker slowly walks toward them.

The man, who is carrying a black plastic bag, suddenly strikes the two women in their chests.

Stunned onlookers offered help to the two injured pedestrians as the man walked away.

He strikes and lands his fists on the women’s chests in an unprovoked attack
The elderly woman loses consciousness and falls to the ground moments later

Natalia Stati, spokeswoman for the City Police, confirmed to local media Telegraph that police are investigating the matter and looking into identifying the perpetrator.

She said: “The two victims are two women aged 36 and 81 respectively. The 81-year-old woman needed medical attention.

“A criminal case has been launched on this case, and the police are looking for the perpetrator to establish his identity, but also his place of residence.”

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