Old woman has a heartfelt reunion with her cat after four years

I can’t even begin to think how heartbreaking it would be to lose a beloved animal companion. Many individuals have regrettably had such experiences, and even though for the vast majority of those who did not have a reunion day, there was a miraculous moment when they thought it would be much better, they were hopeful that it would be even better at the time. Following the eviction of her beloved cat due to a tragic earthquake in Italy, Dora, an old lady who lives in the country, is also faced with that awful emotion.

Dora’s life was turned upside down when an earthquake rocked Southern Italy a few years ago, just as it was for so many other people. However, despite the fact that she had lost her house, the old woman’s primary worry was the loss of her canine companion. A cat to console her and provide her with love and hugs was all that the lady had since she was living on her own at the time. In light of the seriousness of the situation, Dora is unsure whether or not her cat is still alive. She, on the other hand, never gave up hope.

Miraculously, four years after the terrible events, just when Dora started to have more and more doubts she’d see her four-legged friend again, the kitten went back home. As you can imagine, the senior woman could not believe her eyes when reunited with her old friend. Thankfully, a neighbor has captured on camera the heartwarming reunion.

“Our dear Dora has never stopped looking for him,” the neighbor wrote in a Facebook post. “Who knows where he had have been for so long.” Even he was missing for over four years, the loyal cat looked in very good shape. A sign that he was clearly well-fed all that time!

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