Rescue pitbull becomes proud arson-detection K9 officer

A lot has been said regarding the pit bulls stereotypes. However, people should know that a dog’s behavior has more to do with the way he’s raised up and less with aspects that are linked to genetics. Even though there is still a long way ahead when it comes to change the people perception about this breed. That’s exactly why we need more stories like this one

Everybody, meet Hansel – a rescue pit bull that recently became an arson-detection K9 officer. The fist one of its breed. But what’s more fascinating is his background. The now 4-year-old dog was rescued from a dog fighting ring in Ontario, Canada alongside 20 another dogs. Back then he was just 7-week-old. Shortly after, Hansel was taken to Throw Away Dogs Project – a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia that rescued “unique” dog and turn them into K9 officers.


After a year of training, Hansel went to K9 academy. There he learned to become a arson-detection K9 officer. Now, the rescue pit bull is a valuable member of the Millville Fire Department.

“He’s extremely excited, Tyler Van Leer, Hansel’s handler told CNN. “He was trained or imprinted on 14 different odors and once he was imprinted on all the odors, he was eligible to graduate.”

Thanks to his unique skills and energy, Hansel is the first pitbull to became an arson-detection dog. “I am 100% sure Hansel is the first pit bull arson detection dog in New Jersey,” Carol Skaziak, founder of Throw Away Dogs, told CNN. “I have done so much research and I don’t believe there are any other pit bull arson-detection dogs in the entire country. I have not found any others.”


Despite he’s with the Millville Fire Department for less than a month, the firefighters are already in love with Hansel, especially his handler. “We are just inseparable. Everyone here are at the firehouse loves him. He is just an awesome dog. I wouldn’t ask for any other dog,” Tyler Van Leer said.

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