TikTok user ‘grills’ steak in airplane bathroom, draws criticism from viewers and airlines alike: ‘Disgusted’

He later claimed the 'flames' seen in the video were just an illusion

A comedian from New York is catching a lot of heat for an unsavory cooking tutorial he recorded in an airplane restroom.

The man, identified as Marcus Monroe, had recently shared footage of himself “grilling” a steak over a fire he started in the toilet of what appeared to be a Delta aircraft bathroom, and then taking the steak back to his seat to enjoy on the flight.

“They don’t have hot meals anymore on airplanes so… I come up with a solution,” he reportedly wrote in the caption of the now-deleted video, according to the International Business Times.

In addition to removing the video, Monroe has since claimed that the entire thing was staged. (Third-party social media users have since re-uploaded the clip, which appears to show that the fire element seen inside the toilet was indeed an illusion.) He has also apologized for any confusion his prank may have caused. Monroe did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Delta, too, has commented on the incident, writing that the act implied in the video is “no joke” to the carrier.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and employees,” a spokesperson for the airline wrote in a statement shared with Fox News. “Our teams investigated the situation and have been in contact with the customer. Fortunately, the video is fabricated and the customer has removed the video. Appearing to go around safety regulations on board aircraft is no joke to us.”

Real or not, the video has elicited strong responses from social media users, with some rebuking Monroe for (appearing to) skirt FAA fire regulations. Most, however, were just grossed out by the TikTokker’s toilet-charred in-flight meal.

The video also caught the eye of Southwest Airlines, who reportedly retweeted a Twitter post containing the footage.

“We— We have no words. Other than please don’t even think about cooking a steak on one of our flights,” Southwest wrote in the caption, as first reported by flight blog Johnny Jet.

Southwest also appeared to delete this tweet shortly after posting it, although evidence of their remarks still exists on the platform, along with a response Southwest gave to a follower.

@marcusjmonroe She’ll think twice now. #fyp #haircut #stylist #airplane #prank ♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time Monroe has grabbed headlines with a “prank” he claims to have pulled on a flight. Earlier in November, the comedian uploaded footage of himself appearing to cut a woman’s hair that blocked his in-flight TV screen. But this prank, too, was revealed to be staged, Monroe admitted in the comments, per The Sun.

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