Video shows a Phoenix officer shooting a knife-wielding man who charged at her

31 July 2020

According to the video, a drunk, knife-wielding man was shot as he charged at a Phoenix police officer while threatening to “slice” her throat.

The video, released by Phoenix police on Thursday, shows suspect Jon David Brouseau, 55, threatening to stab a female officer in a supermarket parking lot on June 14.

Officers were called to the scene after someone called 911 to report a “drunk man armed with a knife” threatening customers inside, according to a police statement released Thursday.

“Drop the knife!” the officer tells Brouseau, video shows. “Put it on the ground!”

“No, I’m going to f–k you up,” Brouseau responds before turning his attention to another person in the parking lot whom he also threatened with the knife.

The officer manages to reengage Brouseau, stopping him from approaching the other person as she calls for backup. The suspect then focuses again on the officer, whom repeatedly tells him to drop the weapon, video shows.

“Shut your f–king mouth, b—-h!” Brouseau said as he walked toward the cop and around a police vehicle. “Shoot me – I’ll kill you, you stupid little bitch! I’ll f–king slice your f–king throat!”

Brouseau continued to repeatedly ignore the officer’s commands to drop the knife and sit on the ground, prompting the officer to shoot him as he started running toward her, video shows.

Brouseau, who was wearing shorts and sandals at the time, then wails on the ground, the clip shows.

“F–k, that hurt!” he cried. “That f–king hurt!”

Brouseau, who is expected to survive, will be charged with aggravated assault in the incident, which was also recorded by several other witnesses outside the supermarket, police said.

The officer who fired her weapon has been a Phoenix cop for one year, department officials said.

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