VIDEO The 13-year-old child brutally assaulted by his father in the playground has a cranial fissure. The doctors decided to transfer him to Timisoara

The father was caught and is now in prison.

Uptade : In this incident that took place in Romania, the father was caught and is now in prison.

The 13-year-old child, assaulted on Sunday in a park in Hunedoara, has a cranial fissure. The doctors decided to transfer him to a medical unit in Timisoara.

The 29-year-old assailant was detained for 24 hours. The man was filmed on Sunday while he assaulted two children in a playground in Hunedoara. One was strangled and slammed hard by the cobbler, digi24 reports.
The son of the 29-year-old man, a 7-year-old minor, was heard at the Hunedoara Police Station as a victim of domestic violence, in the presence of DGASPC representatives.

“The other minor is 13 years old and has remained hospitalized, for more detailed investigations. The 13-year-old minor seems to be in the unaccompanied park. The author has no criminal record and was detained for 24 hours,” Bogdan Nitu said. the spokesperson of the Hunedoara County Police Inspectorate.

VIDEO UPDATE Extreme aggression in the playground. A man hugs a child by the neck and hits him hard

A criminal case was drawn up on his behalf under the aspect of committing the crime of beatings or other violence and domestic violence, for assaulting his own child and disturbing public order and peace.

In the images captured with a mobile phone, you can see how the man angrily walks towards a child of only a few years old who was sitting on a swing, swears at him, shouting “Come here, fuck me …” and he lifts it, squeezing it with his hands up to his head, then slams it hard on the cobblestones.

The child, who was hit in the head, remained motionless due to the pain. A few seconds later, the man turns to another child, swears at him and performs the same violent maneuver.

“On Sunday, around 15.50, the Hunedoara Municipality Police was notified on the unique emergency number 112, about the fact that a child was knocked to the ground by a parent in a park area, located within the Hunedoara municipality. Immediately on the spot moved a law enforcement team that established that around 15:35 while they were near a swing two minors quarreled, and soon the father of one of them took the other minor to pick him up, after which trantit la pamant.

The minor was taken by an ambulance crew and transported to Deva municipal hospital, for medical care. Following the investigations, the alleged perpetrator was identified, a 29-year-old man from Hunedoara who stated that when he heard that his son was arguing with another child, behind the block, he went to he also fell to the ground in a moment of anger, after which he left “, Bogdan Nitu, the spokesman of the Hunedoara County Police Inspectorate, transmitted.

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