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Listen to the Best ‘Friends In Low Places’ Rendition : Celtic Thunder’s Unforgettable Live Performance!

Celtic Thunder’s live performance of “Friends In Low Places” in Kansas City in 2011, featuring Ryan Kelly, is a notable rendition of the popular song originally performed by country music artist Garth Brooks. This performance is part of Celtic Thunder’s diverse musical repertoire, showcasing their ability to adapt various genres to their unique style. The Irish singing group is known for their theatrical shows and eclectic mix of songs, ranging from traditional Irish tunes to international hits.

Ryan Kelly, a member of Celtic Thunder, brings his own flair to this live version of “Friends In Low Places.” Known for his powerful voice and dynamic stage presence, Kelly’s involvement adds a unique touch to the performance, blending the traditional Irish style of Celtic Thunder with the classic American country flavor of the original song.

The 2011 Kansas City performance is a testament to Celtic Thunder’s versatility and appeal to a wide audience. Their ability to transform a well-known country song into a performance that fits their distinct style is a hallmark of their shows. The group’s performances are often characterized by a mix of solo and ensemble numbers, providing a varied and entertaining experience for their fans.

For those interested in experiencing this unique cover, Celtic Thunder’s performance of “Friends In Low Places” featuring Ryan Kelly can be found on YouTube. It serves as an excellent example of the group’s ability to bridge different musical worlds, combining Irish influences with mainstream international hits.

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