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Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake performed a medley of “Tennessee Whiskey/Drink You Away

Justin Timberlake is known for his dynamic and versatile performances, with a style that ranges from pop to R&B to country. In one of his most memorable performances, he teamed up with Chris Stapleton to perform a medley of two hit songs: “Tennessee Whiskey” and “Drink You Away.”

The performance took place at the 2015 Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, where the two artists brought the house down with their soulful rendition of the classic country song “Tennessee Whiskey.” The audience was mesmerized by Stapleton’s powerful vocals and Timberlake’s smooth harmonies, which blended seamlessly together to create a truly unforgettable performance.

In the middle of the song, Timberlake surprised everyone by transitioning into the upbeat “Drink You Away,” showcasing his impressive range as an artist. As he sang the lyrics “I can’t drink you away,” the crowd erupted in applause, thrilled by the unexpected twist in the performance.

The medley was widely praised by music critics and fans alike, with many hailing it as one of the standout moments of the 2015 CMA Awards. “Tennessee Whiskey/Drink You Away” quickly became a fan favorite, earning millions of views on YouTube and cementing Timberlake’s reputation as one of the most talented performers of his generation.

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