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Alan Jackson’s Gospel Tribute: ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Jesus is revered as more than just a divine figure; he embodies multiple roles for those who believe in him – a savior, father, mother, and friend. His presence is seen as guiding and supporting, particularly in challenging times, offering a dependable source of comfort and direction. While Jesus may not be physically present, believers feel a deep emotional and mental connection with him. This connection is often nurtured through prayer, where worries and gratitude alike are shared. In this way, Jesus becomes an integral part of a believer’s life, infusing it with meaning and purpose.

Alan Jackson, a renowned country artist known for his emotive performances, brings this concept to life in his rendition of “What A Friend We Have In Jesus.” Jackson’s ability to convey deep emotions through song makes him a standout in the music industry. His version of this hymn invites listeners to experience the comforting idea of Jesus as a friend. This song, through Jackson’s heartfelt interpretation, serves as a reminder of the spiritual companionship and support that Jesus offers.

The song “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” has its origins in a poem written in 1855. Joseph M. Scriven created this poem to comfort his mother, who was far away from him at the time, with Scriven in Canada and his mother in Ireland. Initially published anonymously, the poem resonated deeply with many due to its moving message and gained popularity. Its emotional depth touched many hearts, transcending geographical boundaries.

In 1868, the poem was set to music by Charles Crozat Converse, transforming it into the beloved hymn known today. Though it faced criticism for being overly sentimental in its gospel style, the song has maintained its popularity and significance over the years. Its enduring appeal lies in its heartfelt message and the comfort it offers to believers, emphasizing the ever-present, multifaceted support of Jesus in their lives.

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