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Remembering How “Angels Among Us” by Alabama Touched Countless Lives

“Angels Among Us,” a beloved song by Alabama, was first introduced in 1993 as part of their album “Cheap Seats.” Originally released as a Christmas single, the song’s heartwarming message resonated with listeners, leading to its year-round popularity for various events and tributes.

Lead singer Randy Owen shared in an interview how profoundly the song impacted listeners. He recounted receiving countless letters from around the world, with fans expressing how the song had been a blessing in their lives.

Despite its emotional appeal and fan affection, “Angels Among Us” wasn’t an immediate chart-topping success. Upon its release, it reached only No. 51 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. Over time, however, it gained popularity, peaking at No. 22 in the following year, and steadily grew in the hearts of its audience.

The soul-stirring lyrics of “Angels Among Us,” written by Don Goodman and Becky Hobbs, have been credited with bringing hope and peace to listeners. The song’s refrain, speaking of angels guiding us through our darkest hours with love and light, resonated deeply with many.

Becky Hobbs’ inspiration for writing this poignant ballad stemmed from a personal experience. After surviving a near-fatal incident, Hobbs was moved to pen the words, “I believe there are angels among us.” This belief, born out of a harrowing time in her life, led to the creation of one of Alabama’s most inspiring songs.

The backstory of “Angels Among Us” is as compelling as the song itself. Hobbs had premonitions of a terrible accident during Christmas 1985, which were so intense they caused her to halt her journey to Oklahoma. These premonitions continued to haunt her until one rainy night, a close call with an 18-wheeler validated her fears. This brush with danger was the catalyst that brought the song’s message to life, encapsulating a belief in protective, guiding forces in our lives.

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