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Recalling Barbara Mandrell’s Tune “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool”

Barbara Mandrell’s hit song “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool” continues to be a beloved tune among country music fans. The song, which was released in 1981, became an instant classic and established Mandrell as one of the prominent figures in the country music scene.

The song’s lyrics talk about how Mandrell was into country music before it became mainstream. It talks about how she always enjoyed listening to country music and how she stuck to her roots despite being told that it wasn’t cool. The song also celebrates the unique culture and identity of the country music community.

The success of “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool” helped elevate Mandrell’s career to new heights. She went on to release several more hit songs and become one of the most successful female artists of her time. The song also won her numerous awards, including a Grammy for Best Female Country Performance.

Even after all these years, “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool” remains a timeless piece of music that continues to resonate with country music fans. Its message of embracing one’s true identity and staying true to oneself still holds relevance today, and its catchy melody and memorable lyrics ensure that it will continue to be cherished for generations to come.

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